San Damiano Monona

A one-of-a-kind Lake Monona destination built on environmental, historical, cultural, and recreational value.

The property

The property known as San Damiano has been described as epic, iconic, even magical – and it is all of these and more.
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The project

View the history of this project and our commitment to a community-driven master planning process for the property.
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About us

Learn about the Friends of San Damiano, how to contact us, and see press and media related to San Damiano Monona.
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Our vision—

Conservation, grounded in community value

The San Damiano property possesses extraordinary environmental, historical, cultural, and recreational value. While the master plan is being developed, the Friends of San Damiano are committed to advocating for conserving the property in a manner that honors and celebrates each of these values.
San Damiano property tree in fall colors
San Damiano lakefront shoreline with rock wall

San Damiano survey results presented

October 25, 2022
City of Monona leaders tasked with plotting the way forward for Monona’s San Damiano property last week hosted a public information meeting presenting the results of a public survey that gauged residents’ hopes for the historic site under city ownership.
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We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn this iconic site into an environmental, historical, cultural, and recreational gem for all to enjoy.

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