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San Damiano Concept Plan Survey - We Need Your Input!

Survey closes on May 22 - your response and ideas are encouraged.

2022 Year In Review, and Look Ahead to an Exciting 2023!

A look back at our successes in 2022, and a look forward to the many exciting events happening in 2023.

Sustain our Community Vision

On behalf of Friends of San Damiano and all our passionate volunteers, we would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and participation in this once-in-a-generation project. We also celebrate the partnerships that have been formed with the City of Monona, Ho-Chunk Nation, Clean Lakes Alliance, Madison Community Foundation, Evjue Foundation, Monona Grove School District, and other important allies within the community. Together, we will sustain our community’s vision for San Damiano. Click the link to keep reading.

San Damiano’s Healing Legacy

Kate Ford Roberts, a nurse & co-founder of Hospice Care, and Judy Koeppl, Director of the Hospice Bereavement Program, were invited by the Capuchin priests living at San Damiano to develop a grief counseling center on the first floor of the house. Over the years (1992-2015), there were 6 counselors providing holistic therapy at The Center for Life & Loss Integration. Read Judy's memories of San Damiano by clicking on the link above.

Reverend Loran Miller

Rev. Loran Miller, a semi-retired Capuchin Franciscan monk who resided at the San Damiano Friary (from 2003 to 2014), was tasked with the repair of the old house, with very minimal funds. It must have been quite a daunting task, considering that all the monks living there were well into their 70s. Learn more about garage sales, a beautiful, handmade casket, and memories of Father Loran at San Damiano by clicking on the link above.

Remembering Jack Fadness

Recently, Monona lost a lifelong resident and friend, John W. “Jack” Fadness. Jack was the ultimate model of an outstanding steward. He will always be remembered as a significant part of the rich San Damiano history. Read more by clicking on the link above.

Rev. John Sheild: Garden Steward

The beautiful vegetable garden located at the entrance of San Damiano has been planted, nurtured, and harvested by Monona resident, Rev. John Sheild, for forty years! Click on the link above to learn more and see a beautiful photo documentary provided by photographer, Gregory Bleck.

Teejop Waksik Wicawas - Four Lakes Ho-Chunk Corn Harvested at San Damiano

This past May, the Ho-Chunk community and Bill Quackenbush, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, planted traditional corn, called Teejop Waksik Wicawas (Four Lakes Ho-Chunk Corn), at the entrance of the San Damiano property. Click the link to learn more and see beautiful photos of the corn growing process.

The Lifelong Gift of San Damiano

Local photographer, Greg Bleck, shares his past and present experiences on the San Damiano property both in words and through imagery.

Progress Report from the San Damiano Steering Committee

San Damiano was acquired in June, 2021, by the city of Monona. The last six short months have seen many accomplishments. The property has seen thousands of visitors, hosted many groups, attracted admiration and attention from local bird groups, and was refreshed via a well-attended summer clean-up event. In our latest progress report, read more about what we've accomplished, where we plan to go, our target project timeline, and how you can help.

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