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About the Friends of San Damiano

The Friends of San Damiano (FoSD or "Friends") was incorporated as a 501(c)3 not for profit organization in July 2020 to “advance the use of the property known as San Damiano as a place for public recreation, interpretive programming, and peaceful reflection.” The Friends group is comprised of residents from Monona and beyond, all of whom share a strong commitment to and passion for the property.  

With the formation of FoSD, the future of San Damiano now depends on a public/private partnership; the City of Monona and the Friends collaborating to raise the funds necessary to support the purchase of the property and transform it into a one-of-a-kind Lake Monona destination.

Ownership and final decisions will be made by the city, while the Friends will fundraise to secure the preservation of the property, finalize the master plan, and complete the future transformation.

This process will require substantial community engagement, the generation of a site master plan, and the acquisition of sufficient capital to ensure that the master plan comes to fruition.

Board of Directors

Andrew Kitslaar


Patricia Howell


Lynn Laszewski


Wes Mosman Block

Sandy Homburg

Rob Stein

Nancy Moore

Alderperson, ex officio

Early morning swan formation over San Damiano shore.
Hawk in flight against Lake Monona moon.

Community Advisors

David Allen

Principal, Development for Conservation

Jane Coleman

Former Executive Director, Madison Community Foundation

Peter McKeever


Maggie Baum

Communications Specialist

Lindsay Wood Davis

Communications Specialist

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