Sustain our Community Vision

Dear Community Members,

On behalf of Friends of San Damiano and all our passionate volunteers, we would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and participation in this once-in-a-generation project. We also celebrate the partnerships that have been formed with the City of Monona, Ho-Chunk Nation, Lakes Alliance, Madison Community Foundation, Evjue Foundation, Monona Grove School District, and allies within the community. Together, we will sustain our community’s vision for San Damiano.

This year, thousands of neighbors enjoyed the stunning beauty of San Damiano’s nearly 10 acres and 1,500 feet of Lake Monona frontage. Together, we co-hosted a variety of collaborative community events on the property – the Ho-Chunk Nation’s Snow Snake Games & dugout canoe landing, hundreds of property and house tours, school and senior group visits, andthree Biergartens – to name a few. Just as important, together, we raised all the funds necessary to begin the master planning process; to create our collective vision of what this special place might become.  

Our focus now shifts to raising the critical funds necessary to provide the care the property requires, to continue to produce events for the community, and to invest in any suggested improvements that may be generated by the property master plan (estimated plan completion date is Dec. 2023).

We need your help today! The immediate goal is to raise $55,000 before year-end. Private funds are needed to ensure the City of Monona sustains San Damiano as a public asset. To help achieve this goal, Jon and Peggy Traver, Dean and Ann Bowles, and several anonymous donors have generously offered to match all donations, dollar for dollar, up to $15,000.

Every $1 you donate brings us $2 closer to reaching our goal.

Please make a gift today!

San Damiano possesses extraordinary environmental, historical, cultural, and recreational value for our community. We remain steadfast in working together to sustain our community’s vision for the property. We thank you for your support of San Damiano and this once-in-a-lifetime community project.


Andrew Kitslaar

President, Friends of San Damiano

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